stablished in July 2000, iPUBLISH GmbH markets (auto)mobile contents for the brands MERIAN, DER FEINSCHMECKER and PRINZ. Partly in-house and partly with partners the company produces and distributes multimedia-based products with location based content.

There are over 65 applications for iPhone and iPod touch available in the App Store made by iPUBLISH. The multimedia travel guides for navigation systems are market-leading among travel applications. They run on portable systems including TomTom, Garmin and Navigon as well as on built-in navigation systems for Opel and Volkswagen.

All products are based on Europe's biggest combined travel and event database that iPUBLISH operates. The database contains over 300,000 touristically interesting places from 34 European countries. Detailed information about sights, restaurants, hotels or events are saved there.

Furthermore, iPUBLISH is responsible for the successful travel website in cooperation with SPIEGEL ONLINE.



MERIAN scout ReiseGuides für Navigationssysteme

MERIAN scout ReiseGuides für iPhone


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